This Vanderbilt Life: The McGill Project

This 20 minute podcast takes listeners through the front doors of McGill House, a living and learning community famous on campus for its “eccentricity.” For two months, McGill residents invited me to sit in their lobby, speak with residents, and ask the tough, honest questions about what it’s really like to live in this residence hall.

The podcast first explores McGill’s stereotype, as the “hippy-dippy, freedom of expression dorm,” and tackles the house’s notoriety as the place where the “self-proclaimed weirdos” gather. Topics such as the building’s “topless” fourth floor, a “masturbation bet” residents made in October, as well as a semi-nude photo shoot for the “Secret Satan” holiday exchange are discussed.

But the “shocking” aspect of McGill slowly dwindles away in this podcast, as the residents peel back the layers to what really happens in their living space. They describe intense, politically-charged, important debates they have in the lobby, how residents genuinely know, and care for, others in the building, in a community that they feel safe in and have learned to call home.

As Malik Hollingsworth, a McGill resident, said, “We won’t convert you to Satanism and set you on fire.” McGill students want to share their story with the community, and do so by offering brilliant and thoughtful insight about their living and learning space.

Come listen in for the real story of McGill.

Special thanks to Bethany Howard, Erica Comer, Malik Hollingsworth, Hannah Ziffer, Jeff Littman, Kait Spear, Dr. Laurie Woods, Michael Zoorob, Musbah Shaheen, Tristan Abbott, and Viktoria Hallikar for participating.

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