Meet the Commons House Presidents

With the first-year students all settled in just over a month into the school year, the Commons Houses recently held their elections for leadership positions. Each of the ten houses voted on a president to represent them during the year. Click on each of the pictures below to learn more about these first-year student leaders, including their hobbies and plans for their respective houses.

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562c21bcec1f4-image Tommy Lee Oswalt Jr. (East) 
562c21bcec1f4-image Tam Wheat (Crawford)
562c21bcec1f4-image Lee Rosen-Swell (Sutherland)
Julianne Hernandez (North) 
Frances Burton (Murray)
Carter Powers (Gillette)
Jacques Friedman (West)
Mary Langas (Stambaugh)
562c21bcec1f4-image Naveen Krishnan (Hank)
Aiyappa Bollera (Memorial) 
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