VSG presidential candidates announced


Jude Cohen, presidential candidate

Year: Junior

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Major: Cross Cultural Communication and Romance Languages; Minors in Corporate Strategy and Italian

Involvement: Current Director of Human Resources on VSG, former Hank House floor representative, former Arts and Science senator, VUceptor, president of Dores for Israel, Vice President of Hillel, Member of Chi Omega sorority, Club Soccer, Senior Class Fund Underclassmen Board

Why are they running: “A lot of it has to do with the fact that we both have very encompassing experience of VSG as a whole, as an organization, and also that we touch very different parts of campus. And with that I think comes a lot of introspection of VSG, of things that we could be doing better, things that we’re doing well, continuity that has to happen, and things that we’ve never done that should be done. And we’ve been provided a really unique insight into that with our respective positions and I think just the fact that we both are very invested in making this community better really speaks to the passion that’s coming behind us.”

Andrew Brodsky, running mate

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Little Rock, AR

Major: HOD and Communication Studies

Involvement: President of Peabody College Council in VSG, former East House president, Residential and Environmental Affairs member, Tour guide executive board, VUceptor, Dean of Commons office intern


Ariana Fowler, presidential candidate

Year: Junior

Hometown: suburb of Dallas, TX

Major: HOD and MHS

Involvement: Co-chair of Speakers Committee under VPB, former VUceptor, Kappa Kappa Gamma member, Delegate for Panhellenic Inclusivity Task Force, Project Bridges tutor, VSG Executive Steering Committee member, former Murray House president

Why are they running: “I took a year off; I wasn’t in VSG last year. However, it’s an organization that I couldn’t necessarily get out of my head, like I was constantly seeing its effects on campus and how students were involved, and also seeing ways that it wasn’t meeting students needs. I was an RA my sophomore year on the Commons, and my house president actually was on my floor so I kind of mentored her because I was house president the year before. It was hard to see the ways that VSG was kind of letting other students down, but I kept seeing a lot of potential in the organization. Even though I wasn’t involved, I was taking notes on what it could be doing better, and I was so close with [2014-15 VSG president] Tanner, and so I was talking with him and hearing about the organization from his perspective. My year out of VSG showed me what the rest of the student body thought about VSG and how they understood VSG, which I think was really informative and really helpful for me…I think after watching it for all of this time I see it as an organization with incredible potential and but it’s not meeting at the potential, and I feel as though I studied it long enough and it’s time to make that impact and kind of put all that studying to use.

Taylor Gutierrez, running mate

Year: Junior

Hometown: Houston, TX

Major: Mechanical Engineering and Spanish

Involvement: Vice President of Vanderbilt Performing Arts Community, President of Vanderbilt Off Broadway, VSG Executive Steering Committee member

Campaigning officially begins March 14 at 8 a.m. Voting will be held March 22-23. The candidate debate is March 16.

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