Top 10 Outstanding Seniors

Photo by Alisha Newton
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Laurel (Lo) Hattix
Human and Organizational Development and Political Science

Campus Activities: Head Resident of Memorial House, International Justice Mission, and Hidden Dores

Most Outstanding Vanderbilt Memory: It is nearly impossible to pick one, but the back steps of Memorial House have been the location of so many outstanding moments. Any night you can hold a s’more in one hand and be having a discussion about social justice or listening to an impromptu jam session, is an outstanding memory. And I feel beyond grateful that I got to have a lot of those nights.

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Sam Hoskins
Human & Organizational Development

Campus Activities: Head Resident Adviser of North House, Multicultural Leadership Council, & Senior Class Fund (Communications Committee)

Most Outstanding Vanderbilt Memory: My best memory at Vanderbilt would have to be living on the Commons the entire time. There have been so many perspective-shifting discussions, incredibly fun (and educational) events, and more than enough Beyoncé karaoke sessions. It’s been breathtaking to empower each incoming class to inspire change within our community and beyond. I will definitely leave Vanderbilt with a much more holistic perspective having lived and worked there with people I now consider friends.

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Pranjal Gupta
Chemical Engineering, Chemistry minor

Campus Activities:South Asian Cultural Exchange (President), Tour Guides (Vice President), VUCeptor

Most Outstanding Vanderbilt Memory: November 15, 2014 was one of the most Outstanding memories of my Vanderbilt career. Diwali 2014: She’s the Man was an entirely student-run showcase of cultural dances and skits that brought together over 200 student dancers from across campus (75% of which were non-South Asian!). Being a part of a production that celebrated culture and the vibrancy of Vanderbilt in front of a thousand community members will remain one of the happiest memories of my life.

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Hayley Kahn
Medicine, Health and Society & Spanish, Corporate Strategy minor

Campus Activities: Tour Guide, President of Kappa Kappa Gamma, Hematology/Oncology Research Assistant in the Children’s Hospital

Most Outstanding Vanderbilt Memory: One of my favorite memories was the first time that a prospective student told me that she was now applying Early Decision to Vandy after taking my tour. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to show prospective students why Vandy has given me the best four years of my life and convince them to make their own life-changing decision.

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Asheeka Desai
Majors in Communication Studies and Sociology, Minor in Clarinet Performance

Campus Activities: VUceptor, Vanderbilt Student Government (Sexual Assault Prevention Committee), The South Asian Cultural Exchange

Most Outstanding Vanderbilt Memory: “My “most outstanding” memory at Vanderbilt has been my amazing four-year Commons experience. The collaboration and energy of the Commons epitomize the Vanderbilt experience and I’m lucky to have been able to live that for (almost) four years, first as a resident, then as an RA, and now as an HR. I am so humbled that I’ve had the opportunity to live and learn with such incredible first-year students, who have taught me more about life than I could have ever taught them. Returning home to the Commons everyday is a constant reminder of why I love Vanderbilt.

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Safiah Hassan
Medicine, Health & Society Major, Spanish minor

Campus Activities: Multicultural Leadership Council, RA in Warren and Moore, Vanderbilt Student Government (Chair of Community Building, Outreach, Diversity Committee)

Most Outstanding Vanderbilt Memory: My most outstanding memory at Vanderbilt was definitely spearheading the Talk to Me campaign. With the help of my amazing VSG diversity committee members and leaders from all over campus, we were able to encourage our fellow students to interact with people who were different from them and engage in important dialogue. And that, to me, felt like a glimpse into the future of Vanderbilt. I’ve been lucky enough to have this campus and its diversity as the ultimate learning experience, and sharing that experience in a school-wide campaign was a dream come true.

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Kevin Groll
Mechanical Engineering

Campus Activities: IFC President, Student VUCeptor, VSVS Team Member

Most Outstanding Vanderbilt Memory: My two best memories at Vanderbilt are carrying the anchor onto the field for Anchor Dash my freshman year and being selected as an honorary captain for a game this year.

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Jackson Vaught
Political Science; Human & Organizational Development

Campus Activities: Vanderbilt Student Government, Vanderbilt Programming Board, VUCept

Most Outstanding Vanderbilt Memory: One of my best memories at Vanderbilt would be getting to present in front of the Board of Trust last April on student efforts regarding sexual assault awareness and prevention from 2013-2015. It was truly amazing to see the leaders of our university so engaged in an issue that is very close to the hearts of students, and I was extremely humbled to be chosen as the undergraduate to relay the outstanding accomplishments of the Vanderbilt community.

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Sarah D’Amico
Child Studies

Campus Activities: Posse Scholar, President of Alpha Chi Omega, Commons Resident Advisor

Most Outstanding Vanderbilt Memory: One of my favorite memories is the North House Commons Mix-Up last Fall. Our theme was “crash the wedding” where no one actually got married, and it turned into a night of being carefree, dancing with friends who had become family, and never wanting the party to end. It reminded me that there’s nothing better than time with the people you care about, and that “a little party never hurt nobody.”

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Rebecca Chong
Multicultural and Diversity Studies

Campus Activities: MOSAIC, Tour Guides, Kappa Alpha Theta

Most Outstanding Vanderbilt Memory: My best single memory at Vanderbilt is the North House Halloween Party freshman year. I dressed as Hagrid and was probably the scariest person there with a beard and fat suit, but it also made me realize how amazing a place Vanderbilt is–a place where I could be myself, be weird, and be accepted for just that. If anything, I made more friends that night than I have when I didn’t look like Hagrid.

Outstanding Senior will be announced at Homecoming this Saturday

Voting for Outstanding Senior took place on Anchor Link from October 12th to October 14th.

Photos by Ziyi Liu

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